AVH 24 Mar 12:48
Shows reminder 18 Mar 02:58
1. Shows are NEVER private. Anyone who pays the fee gets to enter the show.

2. Shows can be made at any level, in any spec, on any day. This means that no player needs permission from any other player to make shows.
April 1 chat fun 29 Mar 15:49
The fun begins when the game goes slow 1 April and ends when the game goes slow 2 April

This is a day when the mods take a day off on chat and some rules are allowed to be broken, it is to be fun for everyone but remain safe.

The following rules are allowed to be broken;
Do not spam or flood the chat.
Keep your advertisements for horses on the trade line.
Do not flood your advertisements for sale horses.
Do not roleplay on the chat.
Do not use all caps or caps excessively.
Do not use 'sticky caps' or alternating capped letters.
Do not direct or try to moderate others on what to do, yes you can mini mod for one day only.
Make every effort to spell words correctly so that others can understand you. - yes use chatspeak as you please
Do not poll on the chat.- you can do this excluding any reference to personal info.
Do not auction on the chat.

There will be mods on throughout the day, they will not take action on any of the above rules broken but they will intervene if other rules are broken so please read them first so there is no confusion.

If you get banned by the bot the mods will not save you!

Safety first - no personal info ever.

Enjoy your day.
Christmas wishes 20 Dec 03:19
Compliments of the season

December lottery has 5000 credits Each day you can purchase up to 10 tickets. The lottery is found in the games section.

Christmas special on credits From now to 1 January the credit offering will change to 50% more credits for the same $. Make your credit purchases from now until new year.

Halloween competitions 23 Sep 13:44
Write a story Story Competition 24th September and closes 25th October

Enter a training contest
Training ContestOpen 1 October and closes 31st October

Purse of greater income 19 Sep 23:36
The purse of greater income is being added for a while, replacing the purse of endless gold. Enjoy
Low manufacturers your low % tack is needed. 16 Sep 06:48
In order for the game to flourish, it is important for low percentage tack to be available for sale.

Low level horses need to wear this tack to be able to enter shows.

It is good for low level manufacturers to be able to play the game where you have willing buyers, do your best to be a willing seller.