AVH is a game about horses and it is being played by people of all ages.

While we do our best to make sure that no inappropriate topics reach any of the children playing the game, it is your responsibility, as parent, to periodically check who your children is talking to.

The game also gives You, the parent, the ability to decide what aspects of the game are available for your child.

By default the players have access to all forms of interraction of the game, but you can limit that, as seen in this image.

If you do not want your child to receive messages from other players, or see any images and texts that do not belong to the game, you can do that.

If you feel uneasy about having your child accessing an online chat, you can simply check that option in the parental settings, and your child will not be able to open the chat without your permission.

Simply put, if you check all the options in the parental settings, your child will not have any direct contact with any player on the game, except those who you allow to become friends with.

The parental settings are on the Settings / Parents menu and by default there is no parental password set, so if you wish to limit your child's access, you will need to set that password.